RopeTeam provides
a better, safer, faster
and more cost effective
way to work at height.

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At The Forefront

Committed to constant advancement of techniques and technical knowledge.

Achieving Bigger Things Together

We understand the importance of operating with safety and critical time paths.

Our team value the needs of our clients and we will continue to nurture our relationships with our clients, as together we can achieve bigger things.

Qualified and Experienced

Delivering safe, cost effective and innovative solutions for all projects through our highly qualified and experienced teams, who are all backed by three separate accreditations as well as industry certifications and affiliations.

Our Team

Nothing beats experience

Darrell Band

Managing Director

Over 30 years of experience in the Industry.

Elan Band

Director of Operations

Bcom Finance. Bachelor of Law (LLB) Wits

Rope Access Technician IWH

Setty Mkandla

Receptionist | Human Resources

Natasha Ashokumar

Accounts | Customer Relations

Wonder Mvunlda

Logistics Manager


Graham Nash

Senior Project Manager


We've achieved a lot in a short time

  • 10.01.1998SA Waterproofing launches rope access services

    Long before RopeTeam had been envisaged, our sister company - SA Waterproofing - launches its own rope access services to the South African market, capturing the industry by consistently gaining client's trust and loyalty.
  • 15.05.2017RopeTeam is born

    With decades of proven successes under our belt, RopeTeam separates from SA Waterproofing in order to focus our expertise on delivering rope access at scale. The market immediately responds to our cost effective offers, and RopeTeam becomes a prominent rope access provider.
  • 05.06.2018RopeTeam continues to grow

    Having completed several major projects of its own, RopeTeam has been solidified as a 'household name' within the construction industries, with many large players switching over to RopeTeam from ineffective market incumbents.

Notable Projects

Trusted by titans

Super Group

RopeTeam provided rope access services, including; painting, waterproofing, box gutter repairs, installation anchor bolts and window cleaning.

Johannesburg Civic Centre

RopeTeam were contracted to carry out waterproofing at the Johannesburg Civic Centre and façade repairers.

The Jade Apartments Morningside

RopeTeam were contracted to revamp the exterior and interior of a building in Sandton.

Johannesburg Library

RopeTeam were contracted to revamp the façade of the Johannesburg Library.

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